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The Fire Safety Nation provides Free Fire Safety & Fire Prevention advice portal(In India). Its resource library offers Fire Safety Information as well as fire safety videos. Our goal is to bring important information, news and summarized content of standards like IS, BIS and NFPA to the concerned people. We provide an innovative, secure way for sources to share, exchange the information, knowledge, videos, through this platform (our electronic drop box).

Fire Safety Nation gives an opportunity to create a professional network among other safety people so they can share their experiences, thoughts, information and get the comment for the same. Fire Safety Nation welcomes the ideas, content contribution and constructive criticism to help us make this site on authoritative Fire Safety Information.


The guidance on this website provides basic information and general overview on the subject covered. When information comes in (uploaded by users), in the form of videos, PPTs, pdf, news articles, our experts, safety officers analyses the material, verify its authenticity. We then publish material in order to enable the readers (users) to make in use of information.


Those who are seeking advice from fire safety professionals in the field that interest you like, fire safety consultants, fire safety installation engineers/designers, manufacturers and your local fire safety officer in the appropriate fire safety field, can get the our inputs from and for trusted sources.


We would ask you before you leave this website to spend five minutes filling in my guestbook. I need to know how well you received this website and how useful the information was, constructive criticism is more than welcome. If you do not require me to reply to you then you do not have to submit your email address.

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